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Sunday, 8 January 2012

And the award for 'Best Gift of the Year' goes to......

I spent first day of the New Year sitting beside a ‘Wishing Tree’, and wished that everyone should experience something extraordinary- a memorable moment! Apart from some run of the mill resolutions, I assume your wish list would also feature simpler things like not forgetting the birthdays of your loved ones and also to make such special occasions a memory of a lifetime for them to cherish! There is no better way than to give them a choice…yes...a plethora of themes to choose from. They can pick and choose from these customized wonder boxes which house gifts in galore for them.
As of now, you can choose a gift for them from‘Adventure’- for the young and restless. ‘Children’- for the kids who dream to be someone and ‘Wellness’-for the workaholics who have forgotten that the word ‘time-out’ exists in the dictionary.
There’s more coming up,
The time is right for couple-themed gifts. An all-time favourite, this one's is bound to be a major sell-out, no points for guessing this… the box of ‘Gastronomy’, perfect for the couples as they can choose from a set of restaurants to suit their mood and ambience..all at their own sweet time! Next on the block is ‘Getaway Box’- a utopian hideaway where their own mobile phones will not be able to trace them! This serves as a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and of course this would be a perfect Valentine gift bound to re-kindle the romance you’ve been craving for!
Now, all you need to do is, in a ‘Dhoom’ calendar mark a star for all those days where you know nothing else shall work more than an opportunity of gifting the best to those special some ones - let the gift be me :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Everybody Awaits DhoomBox !

The 11th of October, 2011 will mark one entire year from my inception, which sparked off from the very hopeful spirits of 3 very enterprising individuals. Finally, people will get to see, touch and feel the DhoomBox they always heard so much about !
Believe me..I am as excited as all of you are.. actually may be more ;)
I am living only to see the smile of the Mother who gets me as a gift on Mothers' Day, the lover who gets me as a gift on Valentines Day, the friend who gets me as a gift for his birthday, the couple who gets me as a gift on their Anniversary...Oh ! Can't wait no more.
I want to thank all the people who are working towards making me happen- I'm like a baby who has been nurtured inside his mother's womb for so long..waiting patiently to come out and cry his heart out, to tell the world of his arrival and make them a part of this celebration at some point in their lives in some way or another.
Smiles :)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What is DhoomBox ?????


Your one stop solution to choosing a gift for someone you know or you don't !
With 5 exciting themes
- ADVENTURE, GASTRONOMY, WELLNESS, CHILDREN & GETAWAY - Dhoombox comes in a package with a Catalogue, Voucher and Thank You Card.

So you gift someone a DhoomBox keeping his or her basic nature in mind and he in turn gets to choose from a wide range of activities all inside the Catalogue. He then redeems his chosen activity with the help of the Voucher and shows his gratitude by signing the Thank You Card.

What better way to gift someone 'Happiness In Box'