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Sunday, 8 January 2012

And the award for 'Best Gift of the Year' goes to......

I spent first day of the New Year sitting beside a ‘Wishing Tree’, and wished that everyone should experience something extraordinary- a memorable moment! Apart from some run of the mill resolutions, I assume your wish list would also feature simpler things like not forgetting the birthdays of your loved ones and also to make such special occasions a memory of a lifetime for them to cherish! There is no better way than to give them a choice…yes...a plethora of themes to choose from. They can pick and choose from these customized wonder boxes which house gifts in galore for them.
As of now, you can choose a gift for them from‘Adventure’- for the young and restless. ‘Children’- for the kids who dream to be someone and ‘Wellness’-for the workaholics who have forgotten that the word ‘time-out’ exists in the dictionary.
There’s more coming up,
The time is right for couple-themed gifts. An all-time favourite, this one's is bound to be a major sell-out, no points for guessing this… the box of ‘Gastronomy’, perfect for the couples as they can choose from a set of restaurants to suit their mood and ambience..all at their own sweet time! Next on the block is ‘Getaway Box’- a utopian hideaway where their own mobile phones will not be able to trace them! This serves as a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and of course this would be a perfect Valentine gift bound to re-kindle the romance you’ve been craving for!
Now, all you need to do is, in a ‘Dhoom’ calendar mark a star for all those days where you know nothing else shall work more than an opportunity of gifting the best to those special some ones - let the gift be me :)

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